Evolution Forms uses the REST API WordPress provides and defines two routes to retrieve form data and form response data (leads). In order to use the API, the extension has to be purchased from the Extensions menu.

Base URL

In order for the API to work, the permalink setting in WordPress needs to be set to Post name (/wp-admin/options-permalink.php on your WordPress instance). HTTPS needs to be enabled.

Evolution Forms provides

Here's an example for a complete URL:



The API uses application passwords which have to be generated in the WordPress user settings.

Test Authentication

You can test your credentials with cURL:

curl --user "USERNAME:APPLICATION_PASSWORD" https://test.evolution-forms.com/wp-json/wp/v2/users/me

Replace USERNAME and APPLICATION_PASSWORD with your credentials.



Information about available forms


formIDs (Array of integers): Which forms to query for. Leave empty to retrieve all forms. Can also be specified in the route: /wp-json/evolution-forms/v1/forms/23


Form responses (leads)


formIDs (array of integers): Which forms to query for. Leave empty to retrieve responses to all forms.

responseIDs (array of strings): Which specific responses to pick.

page (integer: Number of page. Leave empty to retrieve all responses at once.

detailed (boolean): Merges all steps from the steps array so that all element responses are in one large array called elements. Also adds stepID, dateStart and dateEnd to element responses.


Responses to forms 22 and 33:

Response with ID htUpIvGeNFadxpYk3jCPxXPXm: https://test.evolution-forms.com/wp-json/evolution-forms/1v1/responses?responseIDs[0]=htUpIvGeNFadxpYk3jCPxXPXm