Version numbers represent the publication date.

E.g. version 20.1207 was published on the 7th of December, 2020.


  • test


  • Option to prefill elements
  • Updates for Evolution Forms Statistics


  • New Element: Calendly embed
  • Editor optimized for faster loading
  • Backend
    • Added "Show Leads" link to the form overview
    • Added "Edit Form" link to the form lead overview


  • Frontend
    • Fixed: Selection element auto-advance sometimes loaded steps twice
  • Editor:
    • Elements and conditions are now verified before saving to make sure that all required values are set
    • Empty titles are highlighted in red
    • Fixed: In some cases the order of form steps was not displayed correctly
    • "Required" option removed from range element since it had no effect
    • Editor reloads with the lowest unused ID when no form ID is provided


  • Fixed: Error when refreshing database
  • Fixed: Checkbox for privacy policy was not verified


  • Extensions can now be installed via WP Admin (Evolution Forms → Extensions)
  • Fixed: Tooltip symbols were misaligned


  • Added Support for Evolution Forms Statistics


  • Fixed: Inconsistent behavior of conditinos when going back
  • Fixed: Selection option layout in Chromium browsers
  • Fixed: Disabled redirection in editor preview


  • Editor:
    • Fixed: Hiding the element title did not work for some elements.
    • Text input elements now use a regular input element when "Display title as placeholder" is enabled since HTML is not supported in placeholder texts
    • Only one heading element can be added per step. Multiple headings can still be added using one heading element and line breaks between individual headings.


  • Fixed: Selection options did not fill the entire width in mobile layout
  • Fixed: Radio buttons were clipped in mobile layout
  • The link of the privacy policy checkbox is now bold.


  • Fixed: File upload did not work correctly


  • Editor
    • Fixed: Duplication of form steps did not work as intended. Important: Clear your cache first. Existing forms need to be edited and saved again. Some options have to be set (e.g. "show icon" for selection options). After that all settings should stick and existing forms should continue working as intended.


  • Editor
    • Fixed: Next/back buttons were not centered in the preview
  • Frontend
    • Displays an error if the embedded form could not be found.
  • Backend
    • Tweaked the header layout to be closer to the WordPress style
    • Paging for forms, leads and the log
    • Added Evolution Forms logo to the sidebar entry
  • Translation for en_GB


  • Editor
    • Fixed: Closing the image gallery did not work
    • Fixed: Height of element title editor was unlimited, making it invisible if the screen height was too low
    • Duplicate steps
    • Moved step action buttons further to the top
  • New element: Checkbox für Datenschutzerklärung
  • Backend
    • Zähler für ungelesene Leads


  • Frontend
    • Fixes for theme compatibility


  • Frontend
    • Fixed: column layouts for selection elements were not centered
    • Tooltips now use a more consistent design and use the colors specified in the settings
  • Backend
    • The font color can now be set in the following ways:
      • automatically
      • by theme
      • custom
    • More hints for


  • Backend
    • Improvements for the overview page: Shows recently edited forms and number of views (impressions)
    • A table layout is now used for the single lead view
    • Automatically copy form shortcode on click
    • Merge admin sub-pages into Settings page
  • Internal
    • Change date format to UNIX epoch


  • Editor
    • Preview for form steps
  • Backend
    • Statistical overview on main plugin page


  • Form frontend

    • Option to hide background and frame of forms
    • Handle error if form can not be found
  • Internal

    • Improve settings structure
  • Editor

    • Form settings can now be selectively overwrite the global settings

    • Style improvements

    • Made icon selection easier


  • Clear cache for various WordPress plugins after upgrade to ensure that the latest version of Evolution Form is loaded for visitors
    • WP Fastest Cache
    • W3 Total Cache
    • WP-Optimize
    • WP Rocket
    • WP Super Cache
    • Cache Enabler
  • Added support for locales de, de_DE_formal, de_AT, de_CH, de_CH_informal


  • Allow setting custom font families in Form elements (depending on the styles available to the WordPress Editor)
  • Don't use email subject if left empty


  • Export Leads as CSV

    • Single and multiple leads can now be exported as CSV
  • Range Element

    • Add option for singular form of unit (shown when 1 is selected)
  • Spacer Element

    • New Element to add space between other elements
  • Form Frontend

    • Fix beahavior of back button
    • Fix visibility of some icons
  • Leads

    • Export or remove multiple form responses at once: Select some or all responses and perform actions on them.
  • Form List

    • Remove multiple forms at once


  • Upload Element

    • added option for maximum number of files
    • fix error when mime types are not set
  • Notifications and Confirmation Emails

    • TinyMCE (wp_edit) is now used for editing email body and footer
    • new field for confirmation sender email
    • new field for confirmation sender name
    • new field for confirmation subject


  • Conditions

    • update style for conditions so that the operator (and/or) is displayed between the conditions
    • added German help link
  • Confirmation emails

    • added options in settings: sending submission data to visitors/admins is now optional
  • updated translation


  • Checkbox element

    • improve design

    • fix verification

  • Upload element

    • display detailed upload errors for each file

    • display allowed file types

    • several security improvements


  • New Elements
    • Checkbox
    • Company
  • Upload Element
    • select from a list of all supported file types
    • more secure mime type check
    • users who uploaded a file and leave the page are prompted with a message
  • improved translation
  • improved editor design


  • first public version