All form responses (leads) can be found under Evolution FormsLeads in the WordPress admin dashboard.


The overview provides a list of all created forms. The following statistics can also be read from it:

Completed Runs: The number of complete form submissions.

The list of runs can be opened by clicking on any of the links in the list.


The overview of a form's responses provides information about the time of completion and the email address of the person who submitted the information (if the form contains an email element).

Run: This is either the email address of the sender if the form does not contain an email element.

Date: The date when the form was submitted

Completed: Shows whether the submission is complete.


Remove: Removes data of this response. This cannot be undone.


The overview of a single form response shows all form answers that were submitted.

Completed: Date when the data was submitted

Duration: The time needed to fill out the form