Globale Einstellungen ├╝berschreiben

Gibt die Einstellungen f├╝r das Formular frei. Ansonsten gelten die globalen Einstellungen.


Form Title

Hide Form Title

Hides the form title which is usually displayed at the top of the form.

Navigation Buttons

Hide Previous / Next Buttons

Hides the navigation buttons on all form steps. Only use this if you have Selection elements set up with "Automatically advance to the next step on selection".

Disable back button

Disables the Back navigation button so that changes cannot be made to previous steps.

Progress Bar

Hide Progress Bar

Hides the progress bar which is usually displayed at the top of the form.


Email address for notifications

A notification email is sent to this address whenever a form has been filled out.

Name of sender

"From" name to use when a form is configured to send a notification email to the visitor

Confirmation Email Message

Message for the email that gets sent out whenever a visitor completes a form. (Text or HTML)

Confirmation Email Footer

Content of the email's footer. This can be used for contact information or links.

Data Removal Page

Page to be used for user data removal requests. This is the page that will open when users click on the data removal request link in the confirmation mail. Any empty page will do: Evolution Forms will fill it automatically.


Redirect after Submission

Whether the visitor should be redirected to a different URL when they clicked on "Submit".

Reditrection Target

URL to redirect to in case the option above is selected.