Form Editor

New forms can be created in the Wordpress admin menu: Evolution FormsAdd new.

Already created forms can be found in the forms overview by clicking on Evolution Forms in the sidebar.

Form Title

The form title is displayed above the form by default. It can be hidden in the form settings. The form title also appears in the confirmation mails for users.

Edit Form

You will find three tabs at the top of the editor page: Edit Form, Edit Design and Edit Settings.

An empty form is created with two steps. Existing steps can be found in the left sidebar of the editor.

New steps can be added with the Add Step button. Clicking this button opens a window that lets you choose from all available form element types which are explained here.

End ("Thank you" page)

Please note that this step is always shown after the user submits the form data. You can use this page to thank the user for their participation. You can also leave this page empty in case a redirection is set up in the form settings.


The Save can be found in the top right and bottom right of the editor.